Are you going to start shopping for an engagement ring? Congratulations! Getting ready for the day is exciting, but choosing an engagement ring can be a perplexing experience, to say the least. The shape, cut, quality, material, color, clarity are the factors to be considered. Then there are aspects like sizing, and price, which can be overwhelming. 


Well, if you are looking for a white gold engagement ring, Karat 22 Jewelers is the one-stop solution for you online. You can explore the wide range of specially crafted engagement rings and choose the best piece that can suit your beloved perfectly.  


The best part about Karat 22 Jewelers is you can get your unique design crafted by our expert jewelry designers. If you can imagine it, we can create it for you. Undoubtedly, a white gold engagement ring can bring a big smile on your fiance’s face and of course it never goes out of trend. We offer quality white gold rings and each piece is uniquely designed and handcrafted by proficient artisans to exacting the specifications. 


The unique appeal and the affordable cost of the metal make it more popular among the millennials. However, here are some of the tips that can be considered while looking for engagement rings.


Narrow down the shape you want


If you are sure about what your partner wants in terms of shape, that helps you to focus on the ring hunt a lot. Every shape is of different cost and weight. When the size important to you, you have to know about Karat and choose the appropriate piece. 


Decide the budget


Among the several engagement ring shopping tips, you might have heard about ‘you should spend your two or three months salary on an engagement ring’. But at Karat 22 Jewelers, you can find the best collection of white gold engagement ring at competitive prices. So, why look for the other options while you have a better store to get stylish rings at unbelievable prices


Your engagement is a special occasion of your life and makes it worthwhile with a beautiful engagement ring for your fiance to be. You can explore the wide array of the white gold engagement ring on our official website