As all of us at Karat 22 Jewelers celebrate over 35 years of business in Houston, it’s a wonderful time to look back on Karat 22 Jewelers’ history and share some of our greatest achievements and challenges.



Est. 1983

Located in the Mahatma Gandhi District since 1983, Karat 22 Jewelers has been an integral part of Houston culture. Inside Karat 22 Jewelers, you are sure to find the roots of our own rich culture reflected in the architecture, décor, and selection of fine jewelry. Anant Patel, who’s part of the family that owns and operates Karat 22 Jewelers and has grown up with the business says, “Our diamonds are carefully sourced from non conflict areas around the world. Whether it’s from Africa, Northwest Canada, far Eastern Russia, or even Australia, we always want to make sure our customer’s diamonds come with the integrity they deserve.” 

At Karat 22 Jewelers, we are more than just a local jewelry store. We are a family who strives to make others feels right at home as well whenever they visit our location. We have a cup or two of best chai tea waiting for customers who enjoy something with a touch of spice while they shop, and we invite our guests to truly explore everything from our selection of intricate necklace sets and luxury watches to beautifully crafted engagement rings and wedding bands.

“We aim to provide a unique shopping experience, so come with time. We want to make your stay as hospitable as possible. We’re known to make the most expensive chai in the world actually. Or at least that’s what my customers say,” says Patel.

At Karat 22 Jewelers, we take pride in our expertise of the jewelry and diamond industry and we can customize just about anything to your preferred taste. “We offer thousands of designs of ready-to-wear jewelry along with custom designing...We do everything,” says Patel.

In February 2011, our location was hit by an experienced group of thieves who took everything in our vault valued at about $6M worth of jewelry and gold. There were also several sentimental items that were stolen that day including family heirlooms that contained many precious memories for our family. After a dedicated amount of work, the burglars were eventually caught, tried, and convicted. After the dust settled following the robbery, we took the opportunity to step up the security system and rejuvenate the store with an amazing renovation that brought back the life of our shop and reignited the fire for our future success.


Today—and after more than 35 successful years of business—Karat 22 Jewelers stands proud in its original location with a revamped look, which includes a Diamond Room featuring our exquisite collection of diamond jewelry, a welcoming center lobby, and an additional room housing our precious gems, gold, and other extravagant finds. At Karat 22 Jewelers, we are family. And we welcome you to visit our store and experience all we have to offer.