It goes without saying; you want to see eyes of your beloved dazzling in happiness, on the day of engagement. What can be perfect for this occasion except for a halo engagement ring? Halo rings have a charisma that makes the center stone look bigger, which can translate in saving you hundreds of dollars.

Buying diamonds online is of the same quality and are as beautiful as any ring available at your local mall. Buying a diamond online can cost you 20 to 30 percent less. Karat 22 Jewelers offers a wide range of exquisite halo engagement rings with explicit designs. We have been offering exclusive gold and diamond jewelry for over twenty-five years.

Every piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted by expert artisans following exact specifications. When the occasion is so special, obviously you would like to have something unique. We understand your requirements and offer custom jewelry. We listen to our customer’s ideas and requests mindfully. You can choose the metals like gold, silver, platinum, in this context; you can select the diamonds and convey the design idea to help us create a halo engagement ring that you desire.

So, you have decided to buy a halo engagement ring. There are a lot of choices and we don’t want you to be stressed about it. Read the following section. There are different halo engagement ring options like Pavé Color, The Center Stone and Number of Halos.

Pave Color

Choosing contrasting pave gemstones can give your ring a personalized look. Examples can be as delicate as you choose. Amazing options for pave include sapphires and other expensive gemstones surrounding a colorless diamond. Or for uniqueness, you can consider the reverse.

The Center Stone

In can be various fancy color or colorless. It can be a good choice if you are on a budget, instead of center stone, you can choose many small or pave diamonds. You can use the same carat weight of a single large stone at a lower price.

Number of Halos

In the search for exquisite dazzles, the classic single halo has been updated with double and triple halos. A triple consists of three rows of pavé stones surrounding the center stone. This can give the ring a beautiful look.

You can opt for any of these as per your budget and preference. You can also go for a customized halo engagement ring at Karat 22 Jewelers.