This Mother’s Day treat mom to something extra special that’s made with her personality in mind. From necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, and so much more, take a look at our gift guide to help you decide what to choose for the woman who loves you unconditionally.

Two-tone Diamond Cut Earrings

Fashion forward

When this mom is on the move, you can be sure to catch her rocking the latest trends in clothes, handbags, scarves, and shoes. Find the perfect gift for the mom who likes to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and opt for something dazzling like an elaborate cuff or ring to really stand out among even her favorite designer pieces. Consider our intricate 22K Rhodium Cuff featuring a beautiful geometric design, or explore a number of other arm candy options for your style savvy mom.

22K Rhodium Cuff


We all know the mom who is constantly on-the-move. She’s the mom we notice still swinging by the grocery store to cook up a healthy meal for her family, and she’s the one we know is meticulously checking everything else off of her to-do list even after having a full day herself. She’s got it all under control and she puts her family first, which means she just might enjoy birthstone jewelry or other gemstone jewelry that can display the gems of each person she loves all in one place. Select your stone and place them into gorgeous settings of gold, silver, and rose gold.

Take a look at this birthstone guide below to see which stones would work best.

Birthstone months:

DecemberBlue Topaz/Turquoise

She’s the boss

She’s the mom who values her career and works harder than anyone you know. Her planner, laptop, and smartphone are the trio of gadgets she sticks to every day. Even after all of her hard work, you still want to show her you care in a way that can be practical for someone like her who’s always catching a flight to her next conference or moving quickly with coffee in hand to her next meeting. Consider our luxurious collection of timepieces from trusted name brands like Rolex, Omega, and Movado. Choose from various gold or silver settings detailed with diamonds, or go simple and select from solid designs.

Classic elegance

This mom chooses simple designs over additional frills. She has a constant rotation of her favorite pieces that never go out of style. From running a quick errand to throwing a dinner party for her friends and family, she always looks effortlessly beautiful. For this mom, we recommend a traditional pair of our Pearl Disk Earrings made from gorgeous 22k gold. You may also browse our extensive collection of gold and diamond earrings to find the one that fits your mom best.

22K Pearl Disk Earrings