How Much is a Rolex

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There are watches, and then there’s Rolex. From names like Paul Newman and Ellen DeGeneres to Justin Timberlake and Kylie Jenner, Rolex has been the crème de la crème of the luxury watch industry since 1905. For those who hope to one day own one themselves, the question is often asked, “How much is a Rolex?” From the most expensive Rolex ever sold to investing and owning one within a reasonable budget, we are going to give you an inside look at the world of Rolex.

History of Rolex

Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in London when he was just 24 years old. He envisioned an accurate timepiece that could be worn on the wrist to make a classic fashion statement. With assistance from a Swiss watchmaking company, Rolex launched their line of watches beginning with the Oyster in 1926. The Oyster became the first waterproof wristwatch on the market. By focusing on the precision of the mechanics within each watch when they are made and before they are sold, Rolex became an innovative watchmaking company that would quickly grow to become a household name and coveted item worldwide.

Most expensive Rolex

So what is the most expensive Rolex out there today? Many people might think it would be an extravagantly made wristwatch covered in precious diamonds and gold. But the most expensive Rolex out there right now would in fact be Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona. It recently sold for a surprising $17.75 million at an auction on Park Avenue. While Rolex’s Cosmograph Daytona model launched in 1963, Paul Newman’s Daytona Rolex was gifted to him in 1968. The watch was given to the Hollywood actor by his wife, Joanne Woodward, who is also an actress, best-known for her starring role in the 1957 film, The Three Faces of Eve. The watch itself is waterproof, has an art deco face, and has a tachymetric scale on the bezel for accurately measuring average speed. Engraved on the back of this collector’s item are the words, “Drive Carefully Me.”

While $17.75 million is more than most people can spend on a watch, there are Rolex models that can be purchased for a more reasonable amount. Again, when you’re considering purchasing a Rolex, you should keep in mind that it is a luxury brand among the jewelry and timepiece community. The cheapest Rolex available for purchase, the Oyster Perpetual 26mm, will still run you around $4,850. The Oyster Perpetual collection of watches carries 5 different models ranging in sizes priced between $4,850 and $5,700.

Rolex watches under $10,000 include:

  • Milgauss 40mm (black or blue with Oystersteel) $8,200
  • Explorer 39mm (black with Oystersteel) $6,550
  • GMT Master II (black and Oystersteel) $9,250
  • Submariner 40mm (black with Oystersteel) $7,500
  • Air-King 40mm (black with Oystersteel) $6,200
  • Rolex Datejust 28mm (Oystersteel and white gold) $7,350

Some of these more affordable models expand within their own collections, therefore, offering watches of the same style combined with increasingly expensive materials.

Rolex watches from $10,000 and up include:

  • Yacht Master has options from $11,050 to $48,150
  • GMT Master II has options from $11,050 to $48,150
  • Sea-Dweller has options from $11,350 to $12,550
  • Cosmograph Daytona has options from $12,000 to $37,450+
  • Pearlmaster with diamonds; Price available on request
  • Sky-Dweller has options from $14,400 to $48,850
  • Day-Date has options from $31,350 to $34,850

It is important to keep in mind that these watch prices are not final and they do not include tax. Retail prices may differ from location to location. The absolute best way to know exactly how much your desired Rolex actually costs is by visiting your local jeweler who has been given the prestigious honor and permission to sell the Rolex brand in store. Seeing the watches in person may also help you decide what size suits your wrist best and whether you like the particular style you have chosen.

With Rolex, as well as most other timepiece brands, the cost of the watch goes up the larger the dial gets. Smaller dials are usually made for women or those with a smaller circumference around the wrist. While stainless steel comes standard to many watches made everywhere, Rolex offers Oystersteel. Oystersteel has been a classic element to many Rolex models throughout the years, but there are other materials available if you are willing to up your price range for it. Other materials for your Rolex can include yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, and platinum. You can also find Rolex watches that offer gems like diamonds for each time mark that your dial has. Watches made from more expensive materials like platinum and diamonds can cost above and beyond $80,000.

Investing in a Rolex for yourself or as an exquisite gift to someone else is a great privilege to have. You will want to be sure your Rolex is well taken care of at all times. Rolex watches are made to last a lifetime and can be kept at their best when they are cleaned and secured properly. You will want to keep the watch clean by using a soft cloth to wipe the face of the watch. You may also use a small brush, gentle soap, and water to clean the bracelet portion of your Rolex. Keep the crown of your watch tightened firmly to keep its waterproof properties in tact.

As an official Rolex jeweler in Houston, Texas, we ensure you will find the quality you have come to expect from one of the greatest luxury watch makers in the world. You can even select from our stock of Certified Pre-Owned Rolex watches.

Speak to any one of our experienced staff members and answer the often asked question, “How much is a Rolex?” Come in, search for the watch of your dreams, and buy a Rolex today.

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