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Crystal Wishes Heart Pendant Set, Red, Mixed plating

Wear this set of two pendants together for an on-trend layered look, or give one away to a loved..


Duo Snowflake Set, Blue, Mixed Plating

This mixed-plated set offers a romantic, elegant look. It includes a pendant on a chain and a pa..


Dynamic Pendant

With a fascinating spiral silhouette, this pendant offers a trendy contrast between gold-plated ..


Enlace Set, White, Rhodium Plating

A contemporary pearl design featuring the love knot motif, a symbol of eternal love. This romant..


Freedom Pendant

This rhodium-plated pendant is partially embellished with clear crystal pave, adding just the ri..


Generation Pendant, Small, White, Rose gold plating

With an organic silhouette featuring pear-shaped crystal inside delicate pavé spirals, this pendan..


Genius Set, White, Rose Gold Plating

This gorgeous set, which includes a pair of pierced earrings and a necklace, features interlocki..


Sparkling Dance Heart Necklace, White, Rhodium plating

Inspired by the idea of a ‘dancing crystal’, this elegant rhodium-plated necklace reveals a hear..


Sparkling Dance Heart Necklace, White, Rose gold plating

A perfect Mother’s Day gift, this rose gold-plated necklace features a heart-shaped stone, danci..


Sparkling Dance Round Necklace, White, Gold plating

This gorgeous necklace takes it inspiration from the idea of a ‘dancing crystal’ and shows a rou..


Sparkling Dance Round Necklace, White, Rose gold plating

Featuring a new ‘dancing crystal’ design concept, this rose gold-plated necklace showcases a rou..


Swarovski - Attract Heart Set

A gorgeous new addition to Swarovski’s popular Attract family. This rhodium-plated set includes a sp..

$125.00 $100.00

Swarovski - Dear Small Set

The perfect Valentine’s gift. This set includes a pair of pierced earrings and a necklace. Crafted i..

$149.00 $119.20

Swarovski - Delta Pendant

Two looks in one! This versatile rose gold-plated pendant creates a classic yet contemporary look. S..

$99.00 $79.20

Swarovski - Diapason All-around V Necklace

A glamorous rhodium-plated necklace with a V silhouette. The romantic design impresses with a multit..

$249.00 $199.20