Is a Rolex a Good Investment?

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The name says it all. Rolex. There’s nothing else quite like the Swiss luxury watch brand in the world. For over 90 years, Rolex has built their line of watches to offer a fairly wide price range. You can snag yourself the most affordable model for around $4,850. However, many find themselves asking, “Is a Rolex a good investment?” Whether you are someone who would like to own one personally, or gift one to someone you love, there are many reasons why Rolex is the one to choose.

Non traditional investment

Often the word “investment” is associated with objects that run on a larger scale such as a house, mutual funds, or bonds and stocks. So how could something as small as a watch be a good investment for me? When you take a moment to look outside of traditional investment opportunities, there are a ton of options! For example, some people collect fine bottles of wine or liqueur while others collect rare vintage cars. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of perspective. Watch experts and watch aficionados around the world will tell you that Rolex is a unique watch investment compared to other brands like Patek Phillippe and Tag Heuer.

Taking a look at Rolex

When considering the purchase of a Rolex, first consider its name and origins. Rolex stood out amongst other timepiece brands at the time because of its unique qualities and innovative design. With the launch of their Oyster model in 1926, Rolex was the first waterproof timepiece on the market. Not only did it hold quality attributes—such as being an accurate timepiece worked on carefully through the manufacturing process—but it also offered an attractive wearable display. Rolex became first in its class as a luxury timepiece that could be worn with casual or fine attire.

Why should I invest in a Rolex?

Many people are aware of the popularity that surrounds Rolex and still want to know, “What makes it so valuable?” The Rolex brand seems to be a valuable investment for 3 reasons.

  1. Attainability
    Believe it or not, the fact that Rolex watches are available within a reasonable price range makes them more likely to gain value over time. This does not mean that the cheapest models available can guarantee you a return on your investment. It just means that should you decide to spend a decent amount of money on some of the more coveted models, you could potentially see a ROI on that same timepiece anywhere from 20-30 years from when it’s purchased. Vintage Rolex models for sale are continually sought after each year.
  2. Batch size
    When searching for your perfect Rolex, you should pay attention to the style you choose and the number of other watches that were made with it. Smaller batches will become more valuable long term-wise as there are less of them available for purchase. As time goes on, your watch can increase in value and become a coveted model for collectors elsewhere.
  3. Everyday care
    Much like anything else that requires maintenance, the care your Rolex receives will largely depend on its value over time. If you are constantly leaving the trademark crown open, you are also diminishing its waterproof abilities, which can cause damage to your timepiece. Attempt as often as possible to keep the face of your Rolex clean and clear of debris and dirt. You can achieve this by using a soft cloth to wipe the face of the watch clear.

    Keep the bracelet portion of your Rolex free from debris by using a small toothbrush or soft brush, gentle soap, and water to clean the links. Store your luxury timepiece in a safe, cool space out of the reach of children and pets. Keep in mind that your Rolex comes with plenty of opportunities to wear it. From a day out with friends to office appropriate attire, each Rolex is designed to tell time and look great. Although you might think you aren’t particularly a fashion forward kind of individual, some of the most attractive qualities regarding a Rolex timepiece isn’t that it is full of flash and flamboyance. Rolex is a timepiece that can be made to look stylish and sleek with casual and formal wear. It’s an investment that you will use again and again!

    Men for example can easily pair Rolex classic Oyster Perpetual, Day-Date, Milgauss, or Explorer models with a soft, fitted long sleeve shirt or sweater, casual pants, and a pair of clean white sneakers. The same casual look can be work appropriate in a snap by trading the sneakers for loafers and adding a dress shirt underneath. For women, the Oyster model could work in a number of ways. For a fresh daytime look, women can try a flowy blouse, ankle pants, and sandals. By switching the pants out for a high-waisted black skirt, and the sandals for heels, that same casual look can be nighttime friendly in no time at all!

    If you would like to go the more expensive route, there are a ton of Rolex options available for above $10,000 through your Rolex dealer. The Yacht Master, GMT-Master, Sea-Dweller, and Cosmograph Daytona would all make excellent additions to any collection. Each Rolex is crafted with the utmost care and is manufactured to create precision accuracy.

Make a personal visit

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