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Angelic Pierced Earrings, White, Gold Plating

A classic pair of pierced earrings can enhance just about any outfit. This pair of gold-plated but..

$79.00 $48.00

Angelic Pierced Earrings, White, Rose Gold Plating

Swarovski’s bestselling Angelic Pierced Earrings are now available in on-trend rose gold plating..

$79.00 $48.00

Attract Pear Pierced Earring Set, White, Rhodium plating

An exciting new addition to our bestselling Attract jewelry family, this set of three sparkling ..

$69.00 $42.00

Attract Pear Pierced Earring Set, White, Rose gold plating

Introducing an exciting new addition to our bestselling Attract family: a versatile set of three..

$69.00 $42.00

Bella Pierced Earrings, Golden, Gold Plating

Warm honey shades radiate from this pair of gold-plated earrings. Bold and beautiful, the bezel-..

$79.00 $48.00

Bella Pierced Earrings, White, Rhodium Plating

This is a pair of very special earrings that can be worn on any occasion. Be it a casual glamoro..

$79.00 $48.00

Crystal Wishes Heart Pierced Earring Set, Multi-colored, Rose Gold Plating

This versatile set of three heart-shaped earrings offers multiple symmetric or asymmetric stylin..

$69.00 $42.00

Exist Pierced Earrings, Small, White, Rose Gold Plating

Go for understated, everyday sparkle with this gorgeous pair of pierced earrings. Featuring a..

$69.00 $42.00

Fantastic Hoop Pierced Earrings

Celestial style with a glam rock touch. This on-trend pair of hoop pierced earrings is embellish..

$99.00 $60.00

Fine Pierced Earring Jackets, White, Rhodium Plating

A highly refined and delicate design with a light and fluid feel. Adorned with sparkling clear c..

$89.00 $54.00

Flame Pierced Earrings

Inspired by delicate ice crystals, this design is sophisticated and lavish. Plated in rose gold an..

$149.00 $90.00

Fun Hoop Pierced Earrings

A new staple for your jewelry box, this pair of hoop pierced earrings are modern and sophisticat..

$99.00 $60.00

Funk Pierced Earrings, Small, White, Rhodium Plating

If you’re looking to inject elegance into your outfit then look no further than this beautiful p..

$69.00 $42.00

Gilberte Hoop Pierced Earrings, White, Mixed Plating

Perfect for adding polish to casual day wear, this pair of pierced earrings introduces a cool ne..

$129.00 $78.00

Globe Pierced Earrings, Gray, Rose Gold Plating

An ideal accessory for round-the-clock style, this pair of rose gold-plated pierced earrings sho..

$79.00 $48.00