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Lladro Figurines For Sale

The highly collectible Lladro figurines are special not only for the delicate materials from which they are crafted, but for their religious and cultural significance they can possess. Each figurine is made from porcelain, glossed and painted carefully. While porcelain looks delicate, it is actually stronger and less likely to chip than ceramic.

History of the Brand

Lladro began as a small business formed by three brothers in Valencia, Spain in 1953. They started out making vases and jugs and eventually grew in their craft to include sculptures such as the figurines that are beloved by many today.

Despite the brand’s popularity and fame, there remains only one Lladro factory in the world, located in Spain. Lladro figurines are worth a lot of money due to their rarity and the exclusivity of only coming from one factory in the world. Not only that, the craftsmanship that goes into each figurine proves itself as a work of art.


Another aspect of what makes Lladro figurines so rare is the manufacturing process, which is kept top-secret. All that is known is that the figurines are constructed using hard-paste porcelain. The result is a delicate and beautiful figurine with a glossy exterior.

The Ganesha figurine in particular is of high value for its intricate work and religious significance. This figurine is typically displayed in a respectable way, usually found in a shrine area. The Ganesha figurine is considered one of the rarest Lladro figurines.

Maker’s Mark

When you purchase a genuine Lladro figurine, you can tell that it is not a reproduction or fake by it’s maker’s mark. A maker’s mark acts as an artist’s signature would. You can check your own Lladro collectible for this mark by checking the underside or flat side of the figurine upon which it sits.

A maker’s mark should not be visible when the figure is placed on a solid surface. Depending on the year the figurine was made, a Lladro mark may differ in design. However, from 1971 to present day, the mark has only changed in small ways. The biggest indicator of a Lladro maker’s mark is the signature blue tulip.

Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2010 Retirement Year: 2010 Sculptor: Ernest MassuetSize: 20x11" Base included Limited Edition 499 pieces..
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:1986 Sculptor: José PucheSize: 9x7½"..
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2009 Sculptor: Virginia GonzálezSize: 10¼x10¾" Base included..
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2007 Retirement Year: 2015 Sculptor: Salvador FurióSize: 10¾x3½" Base included..
$2,550.00 $3,400.00
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2009 Retirement Year: 2013 Sculptor: José Luis SantesSize: 20x19" Limited Edition 2500 pieces Two large feminine figures stroll together w..
$2,270.00 $3,025.00
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2017 Sculptor: Dept. Diseño y DecoraciónSize: 16¼x4¾"..
$750.00 $1,000.00
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2002 Retirement Year: 2005 Sculptor: Francisco PolopeSize: 14¼x12¼" Base included Limited Edition 3000 pieces..
$1,860.00 $2,475.00
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2005 Retirement Year: 2016 Sculptor: Joan CoderchSize: 14½x6¾" Base included Limited Edition 1000 pieces This collection called Femi..
$825.00 $1,100.00
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2006 Sculptor: Joan CoderchSize: 12¼x6¼" A lady dressed in a vaporous dress transports us to a world, somewhere between dreams and reality, in which we find ourselves whenever we let our imagination fly free. It is only then wh..
$545.00 $725.00
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2007 Retirement Year: 2011 Sculptor: Ernest MassuetSize: 6¼x6¾"..
$385.00 $510.00
-25 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2011 Retirement Year: 2016 Sculptor: Dept. Diseño y DecoraciónSize: 3½x2¾"..
$75.00 $100.00
-24 %
Brand: Lladro
Issue Year:2007 Retirement Year: 2016 Sculptor: Dept. Diseño y DecoraciónSize: 5½x3¼" The Judaic collection by Lladro has been redecorated with holiday accents. Each items has been enhanced with a golden ..
$130.00 $170.00
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